Let's Hammer The Flu This Season


1 You can catch the flu from 6 feet away from someone who looks healthy. Protect yourself and your children.

2 80,000 people died in the 2017-2018 flu season. Over 180 children died and 80% of those children had not been vaccinated.

3 You will not get the flu from the vaccine but if you do still get the flu, the vaccine may make your symptoms milder and shorter.

4 Flu shots are free and convenient.

Anthem Participants

Ask about a free flu shot at your next office visit with your primary care provider. Go to to locate an in-network provider.


Go to for a list of pharmacies in your area that provide flu shots. Participating pharmacies include: Smiths, Sav- On, Kroger, CVS and Rite Aid.

Kaiser Participants

Flu shots are available at no cost to Kaiser members with no appointment necessary.

To get information on the flu shot clinic nearest you, visit, or call the recorded flu hotline anytime day or night at 1-866-706-6358.